About us

Our Story : 
Our company has a very sincere team which is totally dedicated for customers needs and requirements and has a very clear cut vision for gaining and building our customers trust and long-term healthy relationship. We, believe that there is an ample amount of things to learn from during work, from our competitors, customers themselves and the real world itself. The e-commerce platform in turn is the biggest environment to build network and one of the major sourcing place for doing so.

While taking care of our customers needs to be fulfilled in first priority, we began to gather people together to form a team in August of 2016. We quickly formed a group consisting of ten members, and named our company as ” GEARUP ONLINE RETAIL SERVICES PVT. LTD.” in October of 2016. We started with a very slow pace in finding out the right product/unique product for our customers on reasonable price/ affordable range. We currently have ten dedicated members in our team to help our customers in the best possible way.

Our Offering :
“GEARUP ONLINE RETAIL SERVICES PVT. LTD.” was formed in October of 2016 and got registered on November of 2016. Till now, we had a wonderful, great and amazing journey from where we started and where we stand today. During the process of finding right product/unique product for our customers, the research done by our team made us more confident that we can provide you a professional and best effective buying solution/experience with cost effective method in a short period of time. Our research team has worked for providing you with unique and familier products which were known or unknown earlier or faded away with time.

Skills And Solutions:
We assure all our customers with a wide, effective and extensive skills and solutions in the following areas :
I. Crafting
II. Design
III. Cost effective product
IV. Automation
V. Repair
VI. Quick Problem Resolution
VII. Quick Delivery
VIII. Product Assortment/Best Buy

Our E-Commerce Portals
We would be offering our customers currently with two E-commerce Portals which are as follows:
1. HOBBY STORE AND AUTOMATION : For all train, vehicle, airplane, helicopter, ships models …etc.
2. BACHPAN KE KRAFT : For all creative work with craft supplies ( chart paper, news paper, ice-cream sticks, wooden pegs etc.

Our Upcoming Projects : 
We are currently planning to come up with products related to daily use in day to day life and for multiple uses at different places. We would update you all about this from time to time.

We hope that you all enjoy using our website/e-commerce portals and keep sharing your valuable feedback and suggestions in making the process much more easier and helpful.

Why Choose Us

Product Quality (depending upon finished or unfinished goods or Handcrafted).
Effective and Affordable Pricing (depending upon requirement, color, size, shape etc).
Product Assortment (depending upon requirement, color, size etc).
User friendly services (modification, order cancellation, re-ordering, easy to buy, best buy etc).
User friendly Team (supporting, helping, meeting requirements etc).

Contact Us

  • Contact us on the detail given below

  • Regd.office & Head Office : #86, 2nd Cross, Gopal Krishna Nagar, Kadugodi, Bangalore-560067 (Karnatka) India.
  • Email: grospl2016@gmail.com
  • Website: http://gearuponlineretailservicespvtltd.com